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H Bar C had it's beginnings in 1897 with Samuel Christenfeld who made English riding apparel in Brooklyn, New York. He partnered with M. Halpern in 1906 and they called the company Halpern and Christenfeld which later became H Bar C. In 1929 Halpern died and Christenfeld and his sons took over the company. In the beginning their western apparel was mainly pants and coats. In the 40's they wanted to expand to selling western shirts too. So they went to Rockmount Ranch Wear to have their first shirts made. That is why some of the early H Bar C shirts are very similar to some of the Rockmount shirts.
In 1936 they opened an office in Los Angeles and later changed the label to H bar C California Ranchwear. Seymour (Samuel's son) worked there with Nudie Cohn, the famous Rodeo Tailor. H Bar C actually produced some of Nudies production lines. There they catered to the big Hollywood stars. They made clothing for stars like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry to name a few. They took embroidery and appliqué work to the limits.
In 1947 H Bar C contracted the help of Margaret and Frank (Guido) Miele. Margaret did a lot of the embroidery work herself, but later trained other people to help with the increase demand for her designs. H Bar C's designs have become highly collectible.  They include embroidery & appliqué work with a large variety of designs. More designs than any other western shirt maker.
Later Margaret Miele re-released some of her western shirt designs as the Miele, Legendary Collection.
H Bar C is one of the main western shirt companies that helped to make western wear popular.

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